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What is counselling?

You might like to watch this video clip from BACP explaining, what therapy is; What is Therapy?

What counselling is NOT

It is not a quick fix nor, unfortunately, a magic wand.  Counselling is not about giving advice.  The counsellor encourages you to dig deep inside yourself to find the solution to your own problems.


You know what is best for you, ultimately.  


The counsellor might offer a different perspective on the problem, or way of looking at it, but the choice to act or not act, change or not change, is entirely your own.

Image by Lina Trochez

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"Audrey is amazing. I have had poor experiences with Counsellors in the past and I was at a really low point when we met, and I will be eternally grateful that we did. She was caring, compassionate and challenging. She recognised what I needed and when to push or pull back. I felt that I was in a safe space and was able (which I didn’t think I would be) to talk about everything that was going on in my head. Audrey allowed me to feel and to understand those feelings." 


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